Meet our Feature Artist...

Michelle Nixon

Victoria, Australia

Born in New Zealand, Michelle relocated to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia in 2000.

Cementing her reputation as a contemporary, abstract artist, she is passionate about art, typically starting her pieces in Acrylic, working on multiple layers and is often seen branching out into Inks and Mixed Media.  Michelle says:

'The freedom and measured chaos different mediums offer make for a unique, limitless and satisfying session. Every piece can run off on a tangent and is only limited by your imagination.... some may even uncover a secret message or two'.

Michelle is often seen nurturing her passion for art, frequenting the local galleries the Peninsula offers and bringing creations to life in her home studio in Mount Eliza.  She exhibits her work nationally in Art Shows, Exhibitions and Galleries.

'Life is all about balance and satisfaction. You have to be passionate and love what you do'. 

Michelle, and her work is certified, registered and recorded in the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists.

Michelle has a diploma in Interior Design and a Certificate in Graphic Design.

Her works have appeared at Oak Hill Gallery, the Portland Art Show, 'In The Making' Solo Harba Art Exhibition, Bendigo Art Show, Hastings Art Show and Tumut Art Society Exhibition.